makes a great support tool. MINUET simplifies call handling by queuing the calls in a first-in, first-answered manner, allowing the receptionist to handle a large number of calls more efficiently For the auto parts clerk who juggles phone calls while trying to serve customers, MINUET ACD acts like an automatic receptionist answering the calls and queuing them for the clerk When several calls come in, phone customers may have to wait as the staff deals with the customers in-store. With MINUET routing and queuing calls to the parts counter, callers on hold are told about current service offers and promotions, using announcements you record. Callers are reassured they haven't been forgotten. The clerk is able to spend adequate time with customers in person and on the phone, since the callers are being held in the order they called.


How you manage your company's communications is critical in today's business world Poorly managed communications leads to unhappy customers. Waiting on hold, frequent transfers, or not
being able to reach you after-hours can lead customers to take their business elsewhere. For maximum effectiveness, simplicity and cost,
Nortel Networks MINUET ACD combined with Nortel Networks  Voice Mail offers a better way to manage your communications, and ultimately your business. Integrating these applications makes your incoming call coverage complete and provides important options for your callers. Callers can either go into queue to speak to a representative, or go into Voice Mail to leave a message. Plus, Voice Mail works 24 hours a day, so your customers can always leave a message for you to return during business hours.


    Managing your business communications also means adjusting call coverage for peak and non-peak
    periods, whether that means on a daily basis, or a yearly business cycle.
Nortel Networks MINUET software supports from I to 10 employees or customer representatives simultaneously, and allows you to establish two different answering groups for greater flexibility in call handling. Some customers designate the second group as overflow, to handle those extra-busy times. This kind of flexibility keeps your company responsive and competitive as well as your customers happy.


    To effectively manage your business, you must know what's happening with incoming calls. Nortel Networks MINUET provides this information by displaying call statistics on the LCD Window of your Nortel Networks telephone.
    You can tell how many calls were answered, abandoned, or disconnected during a specific time period, as well as the average time it took to answer a call, By knowing when call volume is heaviest, you can add staff or an overflow group to meet this increase.
Nortel Networks MINUET offers an excellent way to monitor business activity through Call Categorization, which allows your staff to enter a numeric code at the completion of a call. These codes can represent business referrals, advertising or promotions results, or types of problems reported to service organizations. This information can help you focus your business in the most beneficial areas.

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