All new telephone equipment and materials furnished by
DIGITAL TELEFONES, INC. are guaranteed to be free from any defects for a period of two years from its original installation date.
    After the second year, you have a choice of two service arrangements.

    A) Annual Service Agreement
    B) Service on a per call basis - Time and Materials


    DIGITAL TELEFONES, INC.' provides 24 hour, 7 day a week service with factory trained technical personnel.
    DIGITAL TELEFONES, INC. has defined and categorized three types of Service

    Calls and Response Time.

    Type of Call              Response Time

      1. Critical               Within 2 Hours
     2. Emergency         Within 4 Hours
     3. Routine               Usually Within 24 to 48 Hours
    1. Critical Calls:
    Critical calls are defined as any system failure which directly effect the ability to
    conduct your business. Such failures include the inability to receive all incoming calls,
    or malfunction of telephones in critical or sensitive areas.
    2. Emergency Calls:
    Emergency calls are classified as partial malfunctions such as a group of central
    office trunks or entire department's extension telephones.
    3. Routine Calls:
    Routine calls are defined as individual equipment malfunctions which do not effect
    major portions of your operation.

For support email : tech@digitaltelefones.com

To contact sales email : sales@digitaltelefones.com

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