This guide shows you how to start using Voice Mail.

It explains the Feature Codes, how to initialize your mailbox, and explains some of the features you can use right away.
All Nortel Networks telephones provide Voice Mail voice prompts. On telephones with display buttons, the voice prompts are delayed about five seconds. If you don't see an option on your telephone display, wait for the voice prompt to announce additional options. You can use Voice Mail features by pressing the softkey buttons or the Dial-pad buttons on your Nortel Networks telephone. This guide shows you how to use both buttons.
When you see text like this :
PLAY  This refers to a softkey
When you see text like this :
[2]  This refers to a Dial-pad button
you can press either button to activate the Voice Mail feature.

Using the LCD Window and Softkeys

What to do Before You Begin Using Voice Mail 

More About Feature Codes

Interrupt (Answering a call after it has gone to Voice Mail)

Initializing a Mailbox

Changing Your Mailbox Password

Recording Your Primary and Alternate Mailbox Greetings

Choosing a Mailbox Greeting

Recording a Personalized Greeting for a Specific Caller

Listening to Messages in Your Mailbox

Accessing your mailbox while away from the office

About Off-Premise Message Notification

Administering Message Notification Page One

Using Special Characters Administering Message Notification and a Few Easy to Follow Programming Examples

Administering Message Notification Page Two

Enabling and Disabling Off-Premise Message Notification

Message Delivery Options

Leave a Message Using the Leave Message Feature Code

Leave a Message Using the Open Mailbox Feature Code

Using Forward to Voice Mail (Call Forward)

Transferring Calls Directly to Voice Mail

Using the Company Directory

Voice Mail Time Savers

For support email :

To contact sales email :

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