How many local exchange carrier phone lines will you need for your new office?
Which carrier will best meet your needs?
Will the phone system you chose be able to grow to meet your business needs a year from now? or 3 years or 5?
What voice mail option is going to best meet the needs of your customers and your employees?
Let us answer these questions and more!

Digital Telefones Inc. has been helping small to medium sized businesses find communications solutions since 1981. Let us show you what we and our customers have found to be the most cost effective and user friendly  solutions for any type of business.

Digital Telefones Inc. is here to provide the answers that give you more productivity time and less hold time. By the way, Do you know much time do your customers spend waiting on hold?

Digital Telefones Inc. can help you reduce that time for your valued customers and keep them informed about your latest products and services.

Digital Telefones Inc. can show you how to use Nortel Networks Auto Attendant so returning customers and vendors can get or leave the information they need to, while leaving you and your employees free to take calls from new customers or take care of more immediate needs.

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