Norstar M Series

M7100 Telephone Set this single-line telephone delivers dependable functionality to users or areas with low usage requirements, like lobbies and break rooms. The M7100 telephone provides one programmable button and a feature button, along with a one-line by sixteen -character LCD Window.

M7208 TELEPHONE SET This basic telephone is ideal for users who need access to a just a few lines, programmable features, and autodial numbers. The M7208 is well-suited for areas with shared telephones, like manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repair centers. The M7208 can access up to six lines, has eight programmable buttons, and a one-line by sixteen-character LCD

This fully-featured telephone is designed for users with more extensive calling and call handling requirements. In addition to 10 programmable line or feature buttons, 12 dual-function memory buttons provide quick access to 24 additional features or autodial numbers, ideal for users who often call the same customers, suppliers, or accounts. With its two-line by sixteen-character LCD Window and softkeys, the M7310 is extremely easy to use.

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