Voice Mail

Would it make a real difference in my business?
Here's a simple checklist to help you find out.
If You answer yes to three or more of these questions, your company could benefit from Nortel Networks Voice Mail.
Ask Digital Telefones Inc. how!

Do you communicate with the same people frequently?

When making phone calls, are you often forced to leave a message or call back?

Are most of your calls short ones to usually just leave or receive fast information?

Are your calls spread over a wide geographical area or to different time zones?

When clients or associates call, are you often unavailable?

Are message slips or verbal messages sometimes incomplete, inaccurate, or lost?

Do you often provide the same information to more than one person?

Are there periods of endless ringing at unattended extensions?

Do you frequently have to send written memos around to others in your company?

Do you often have to put people on hold in order to answer other phone calls?

Are you frequently interrupted by phone calls while trying to meet important deadlines?

Are your employees often away from the office?

Does your company receive repetitive requests for information?

Do you or your receptionist spend a lot of time taking supplier, employee, or personal calls?

Have you received customer complaints about the way calls or messages have been handled?

Are any of your support staff experiencing difficulty in completing their job requirements due to answering a large number of calls?

For support email : tech@digitaltelefones.com

To contact sales email : sales@digitaltelefones.com

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