Call Pilot Voice Mail has 20 to 100 mailboxes, and is suited for small to medium-sized businesses that can benefit from advanced voice messaging features. Including a long list of standard options, some of the more popular Voice Mail features include:
Auto answer with personal greeting,  Broadcast messages,
Delivery options (private, urgent, etc.),  Express messaging,
Guest mailboxes, Interrupt caller leaving a message,  Never-full mailboxes, Outbound transfer from mailbox, Record a call, Recovery of deleted message, Remote call forward to Voice Mail Reports

"What happens when your company gets CallPilot? Voice, e-mail, and fax messages are united into a single, integrated communications tool. Personal productivity climbs about 30 percent. Employees easily access messages from the road, capturing major opportunities. They work more efficiently as a team and accomplish more in less time. And they all say: How did we ever work without it?"
A satisfied CallPilot Customer

How to double your output with half the effort
If you're like most of us, you spend much of your business day simply communicating. Leaving voice messages. sending faxes, answering e-mail. And retrieving all three-by totally different means. This takes time. Time you could be spending on critical projects Imagine a messaging product that brings all these communications together into a single, easy-to-use-and manage system. A system that uses standards-based, computer-telephony technology that lets you cut your communications time in half. With CallPilot Unified Messaging you can do more, much more, with less effort And that translates into a serious competitive advantage.

Advanced Integrated Applications
(with additional purchase)
Auto Attendant Your own personal receptionist, Auto Attendant answers your telephone and takes messages for everyone in your company-with complete accuracy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Custom Call Routing cuts down on "telephone tag" by giving your customers and suppliers direct access to the person they want to reach, allowing them to ask a question or leave information anytime. Auto Attendant includes a long list of standard feature options, including:
Call transfer
Calling name display
CCR levels
CCR trees (4)
Dial extension from CCR
External transfer on Centrex
Flexible line rings before answer
Multiple operators

Remotely record greeting
Remotely set business open/closed
Reply based on calling line ID (CLID)  Reports
Transfer to CCR tree

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