Nortel Networks Applications Module voice mail solution a large capacity Voice Mail System

Calling Line ID Integration   

Nortel Networks Applications Module -PLUS Voice Mail integrates Calling Line ID when connected to Nortel Networks systems equipped to capture it. That means the Calling Line ID (including name, where available) is stored with the message. By simply pressing a softkey or dialing a feature code, you can reply to all messages from both internal and external callers. What's more, you can record up to 3 personalized greetings per mailbox.

Auto Attendant will route up to 100 designated telephone numbers to specific points on Custom Call Routing trees, an extension, or a mailbox based on Calling Line ID's.

Nortel Networks Applications Module -PLUS Voice Mail is designed "from the ground up" for seamless performance with Nortel Networks  business communications systems. The tight integration of Nortel Networks Applications Module -PLUS Voice Mail with the interactive LCD Window takes the guesswork out of voice processing. And this unrivaled ease of use minimizes training costs for your employees and expands your business capabilities.
Station-Based Administration Administer the Voice Mail system from a telephone or computer keyboard and monitor are convenient options.
Voice Mail Interrupt Answers a call that's forwarded to Nortel Networks Applications Module -PLUS Voice Mail even while the caller is leaving a message. Cascading Off-Premise Message Notification After a message is left for you, Voice Mail will try reaching you at 5 different telephone numbers, even pagers, to relay the message. Just think how couriers and sales and service departments can take advantage of this feature. Multilingual Instructional prompts are displayed in the LCD Windows in your choice of English, French, or Spanish-with any two languages active simultaneously system wide. Fax Messaging Nortel Networks Applications Module -PLUS Fax Messaging is a hardware and software option that integrates with your Nortel Networks Applications Module-PLUS Voice Mail system. Retrieve all your messages from your voice mailbox with one call-even at home or in hotels. Send faxes to group distribution lists from your mailbox, freeing your time for other, more important tasks. And with Fax Messaging, here's no more endless waiting at the machine to receive faxes. You choose when and where to retrieve your faxes so your business information is kept confidential.

Nortel Networks Applications Module-PLUS Voice Mail provides up to 1000 mailboxes (with upgrade) and access to advanced applications such as:
Message forwarding Timed delivery of messages  Extended absence greeting  Customizable directory  Call screening  Enhanced multiple recipient addressing  Integration with your Nortel Networks telephone's LCD window  Remote notification messaging  Toll fraud prevention  Calling-line ID integration  200 hours of storage time for greeting and messages (expandable to 1000 hours)

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